The Winnebago County 9/11 Emergency Responders Memorial designed as a monument to honor the citizens and emergency responders who died that tragic day. It also pays homage to the lives of all those emergency responders in our own community who, in answering the call of service, have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Father Wentink

"The 9/11 Memorial in our Community stands at the corner of State Street and Kilburn Avenue as a tribute and reminder that the names inscribed were husbands and wives, moms and dads, sons and daughters whose lives were taken while they were protecting our lives and property. These Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Personnel are true heroes."

"Take a few minutes to visit this Memorial, touch their names and say a prayer for these brave men and women and their families. You will feel and know that you are standing on Sacred Ground."

Family of Detective Michael E. Mayborne

"The new First Responder Memorial in downtown Rockford is truly a blessing to Mike's family for reflecting, sharing happy & sad times, but mostly to pay respect. I'm sure this would just melt Mike's heart that some had a DREAM & GOAL to: RESPECT-HONOR-REMEMBER the sacrifices he and others gave to this community that he had so much pride in. He is standing tall with a salute of gratefulness for this beautiful, peaceful centerpiece downtown next to his workplace for his family to RESPECT, HONOR and REMEMBER him." - August 29,2017

Charlene Zimmerman - Daughter of Dale Zimmerman

"The 9/11 Memorial is a symbol of hope, courage and bravery. To the community it acts as a reminder of the brave men and women that serve our community each and every day. I drive past the memorial on my way to work and each time I see those statues, I feel humbled knowing that lives were lost so others could be saved. I am honored that my dad was recognized for his service to a community which he greatly loved. Our loved ones live on in our hearts and memory and they are honored each and every day when someone drives by and takes a glance at those symbols of courage at the 9/11 memorial."

Trooper Brooke Jones-Story
Illinois State Police - 2019
Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Winnebago County 9/11 Emergency Responders Memorial to embrace the spirit of 9/11 and to honor the emergency responders of Winnebago County, who during the discharge of their duties, have made the ultimate sacrifice for the community they served. May we ALWAYS REMEMBER, NEVER FORGET.